6 months to London!

With 2017 marathon season coming to an end and the nights drawing in, it’s not an ideal time to start marathon training.

For me, I’ve decided to stick with the gym for now. I’m planning on doing various interval sessions on the treadmill. Two will be pushing myself to the max and two will be heartrate based so I’m burning fat. I’ll also be doing yoga for 10 minutes each day to increase my flexibility. For those who’d prefer to use a personalised plan, I’d recommend Asics. You enter a few details about your running ability and what you’re aiming for and it’ll create a plan for free. I find the app really useful and your plan (and predicted finish time) are saved. If you like the idea of a predicted finish time, you’ll love this! It’s a treadmill test which gets progressively difficult and the amount of time you can stick at it, will determine your predicted finish time. It’s a great way to track your progress in the run up to the marathon



Because of my shifts, I’m often able to run during daylight hours but most people aren’t. Take a look at our guide to running safely at night.

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