Post marathon bag

Anyone who’s completed a marathon will tell you it’s nice to have someone meet you at the finish line with some goodies. What’s important to you? For my last one I had Coconut water (naturally occurring electrolytes) Baby wipes Flip-flops (or spare shoes to wear home) Battery pack and charger (so you can recharge your […]

What do you take with you when you run?

Some people love to take off on a run with nothing with them. Others, however, run with *lots* of things. What’s on your list? Running belt Backpack Armband (for phone) Headphones Phone Hydration (bottle, hydration belt, waist or backpack with bladder) Tissues Sweets (anything over 10 miles) Gels Lip balm Hat/baseball cap Keys Phone Cash […]

Marathon Nutrition

Fueling your body is important regardless of the exercise you undertake but distance running means you have to pay particular attention to it. For runs of an hour or more, you’ll be using fuel from your glycogen stores (i.e. carbohydrates) so you’ll need to keep topping your carbohydrates up. Ascertain which drinks, gels and snacks […]

Running safely in the dark

Because of my shifts, I’m often able to run during daylight hours but most people aren’t. How can you stay safe at night? Plan your route. Stick to roads you’re familiar with and feel comfortable running Be aware of your surroundings (consider leaving your headphones at home or using bone conducting headphones) Use GPS to […]

6 months to London!

With 2017 marathon season coming to an end and the nights drawing in, it’s not an ideal time to start marathon training. For me, I’ve decided to stick with the gym for now. I’m planning on doing various interval sessions on the treadmill. Two will be pushing myself to the max and two will be […]